Me @Xalence @TeamSupreme watched earlier as these morons led by “DJBMurder” boasted via ustream about having Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album months in advance due to a mishap at

Eventually it caught up with them as the very internet savvy Young Money members found out and took action. Last night I liberated “Drop The World” off these bozos, from Rebirth which isn’t slated for release until February 2010.

Check out the ustream below. Props to Marty capturing the tweet by Twist.

Sidenote: Glad I got out the game when I did.


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  • please delete this from your website

  • Joy

    ^^^what they want u to delete it for? So we wont get the tracklistings??? we can always get it else where.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh who gives flyin f*ck? Eff the music industry and who ever posed as Universal to post that comment! Music will be leaked from this point forward whether you like it or NOT!

  • Bob

    Why is Kevin Rudolf’s name spelled Kevin Rudolph? Did he change the spelling?





  • Mr. Fiona
  • Frivolous lawsuit ! You post someone getting busted and they want to get all swole in the chest.. They’re bored.. Wayne shouldnt have pushed his release date back a ZILLION times.. what happening to .. Nothing..
    … I dont even know why “Universal” is wasting your ..
    This screams F R A U D U L E N T !!!

  • _MelG_

    lol Lawsuits??? If blogs hadn’t posted that the stream was up, Universal probably wouldn’t have known about these fools until February. Clearly somebody at Universal forgot to tell Amazon that it got pushed back AGAIN. They could only f up more if they booked DJ BMurder for the release party.

  • you REALLY think that’s a Universal employee? the first one can’t finish a proper “youngmoneyent” URL, and the 2nd message is from “UNIVERAL”… come on.

  • sessa millz

    Nobody don’t want that wack bullshit anyway. Stop puttin out wack musik (universal) & nobody would bootleg that bullshit.

  • somedude

    the only good reason to actually buy the rebirth album is that drop the world song with em!