(Provided by Redhead)

In this shameful display, 93.9 parodies @Wale’s single and has an impersonator in the music directors office with the same name claiming to be his cousin. The music is rejected due to it not being “hot” or “new”.

Now, the journalism degree I’m going for says I should keep my entry professional by addressing this tastelessness and lack of respect for our homegrown artist(s) in a mature fashion, but the young nigga from PG county in me says “GO IN ON THEM“…

So I’m going to attempt to keep an equilibrium of both. It’s been no secret that for years radio stations keep the most payola funded songs in rotation (go head, deny it so I can tee off on you) but we’ve all just grown accustom to the cronyism and coon behavior…much like our tolerance of BET’s existence.

However, I feel (and I’m probably not alone on this) that this is the straw that breaks the Jay-Z’s back. You owe Wale and his fans an apology for this nonsense. It’s bad enough your radio station already doesn’t support him or other up and coming talented artists from our area. What gives you the right to make a mockery of us? I say US meaning the DMV. We are one, or at least we’re striving to be.

This crab in the barrel (word to X.O.) mentality you’ve broadcast for thousands of listeners to hear is EXACTLY why D.C. will never be respected at a national or international level in the Hip-Hop realm as a force to be reckoned with.

While New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles..hell, even Florida, all hold down their hometown artist. You on the other hand, continually do your damndest to peddle us backwards like a fucking cheap Huffy Bicycle with a broken chain. Congrats on setting us back again, you puppet weasel motherfuckas you.

– The [DMV] Blog Bully