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In this shameful display, 93.9 parodies @Wale’s single and has an impersonator in the music directors office with the same name claiming to be his cousin. The music is rejected due to it not being “hot” or “new”.

Now, the journalism degree I’m going for says I should keep my entry professional by addressing this tastelessness and lack of respect for our homegrown artist(s) in a mature fashion, but the young nigga from PG county in me says “GO IN ON THEM“…

So I’m going to attempt to keep an equilibrium of both. It’s been no secret that for years radio stations keep the most payola funded songs in rotation (go head, deny it so I can tee off on you) but we’ve all just grown accustom to the cronyism and coon behavior…much like our tolerance of BET’s existence.

However, I feel (and I’m probably not alone on this) that this is the straw that breaks the Jay-Z’s back. You owe Wale and his fans an apology for this nonsense. It’s bad enough your radio station already doesn’t support him or other up and coming talented artists from our area. What gives you the right to make a mockery of us? I say US meaning the DMV. We are one, or at least we’re striving to be.

This crab in the barrel (word to X.O.) mentality you’ve broadcast for thousands of listeners to hear is EXACTLY why D.C. will never be respected at a national or international level in the Hip-Hop realm as a force to be reckoned with.

While New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles..hell, even Florida, all hold down their hometown artist. You on the other hand, continually do your damndest to peddle us backwards like a fucking cheap Huffy Bicycle with a broken chain. Congrats on setting us back again, you puppet weasel motherfuckas you.

– The [DMV] Blog Bully

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  • Man this is absolute truth. It just isn’t a fair shot and they should be way more careful about the direction they take with their advertisements. That’s some bullshit and somebody need to bust their ass for that shit. *smfh*

  • Joi

    Woooooow!!!! I can’t believe a radio station did this, let alone a DC station dissing a DC artist! Their job is to play music…they have no right to diss an artist. He could sue for that shit. They are defaming his brand, and thats wack. They had the audacity to say they play hot shit like “Baby”…are you fucking kidding me. Baby of all people!!!! That nigga cant rap worth chicken shit.

    Its nice to see where their priorities are though. As for me, I support good music and good music only.

  • Wow… are these niggas serious?

    In addition to it being directly disrespectful to Wale, they’re painting a totally untrue picture. They play who they’re told to play first and foremost. They’re making it seem like they’re some kind of decision makers who know what’s ‘hot’ and what’s not, and by their decision not to play his shit, it means it’s not hot. Now how does this come off to regular listeners who don’t know any better? Whether they realize it or not (and they probably do), this is a flat-out subliminal slap in the face.


  • Disgusting man had to re post this on the blog shameful

  • Yep this is how we got to this point. RADIO B.S. this is fuckin crazy tho… THis is LOW

  • Bmore

    Operations Manager: Kathy [email protected]
    Program Director: AL [email protected]
    Assistant Program Director: Dionne [email protected]

    You should put these people on blast, they probably behind it.

  • I Disagree

    It doesnt really sound like they’re dissing Wale…It sounds like they are dissing Wale imitators…I think them saying “New Joints Like Money To Blow” instead of “Real Wale Tracks” makes it sound confusing…but I think it was just bad production as opposed to bad intentions. Thats just me though.

  • Good idea, Bmore.

  • This shit is outrageous. DC radio is a bunch of Wayne dick riders with no hometown pride. They wouldnt do this to Luda in ATL or to Hov in NY. Why is the dude thats currently the national rep of our area being mocked by a DC Station? Just to stamp BABY (WTF)of all people! I guess as an artist, now I know what to look forward to. SMH.

  • Word @ isang

  • I’m not the BIGGEST Wale fan…but that was the most tasteless a ‘professional’ establishment could do…I can’t imagine what compelled them to actually go through with making it and putting it on the air as much as they do!

  • Yo this is crazy. I cant honestly tell you when the last time I heard the radio. I hate DMV radio with a passion so I wouldnt of known this unless if it was this post. It was funny to a certain degree but it was overboard when the “what’s hot or not” came into play.

    Definitely sad coming from a radio from the area and how other regions play dude’s music more. But yea, DMV radio is garbage.

  • I read about this but wanted to wait until everything died down to listen for myself and make a decision. They are clearly dissing Wale, a hometown artist that reps us on a national level. They are clearly making a mockery of us, DC, by telling us they will only play “Birdman.” It is both shameful and tasteless, especially when they are are being told what to play through record company dollars. Payola was made legal by the Bush administration. It is hurting our culture and needs to stop. It’s bad enough we never hear our artists on the radio (if we ever listen!) but to hear the biggest one mocked in a produced segment is low. Shouts out to Wale who has been a class act through these occurences.

  • UPT4real

    wow…this is interesting. I’ll just give my OPINION on the matter. Yes i agree that the move by wkys might not have been the wisest. But i will say there are tons and i mean TONS of folks who honestly feel as though wale (homegrown or not) is simply wack. When its all said and done its about good, quality music. I damn sure dont agree with them throwing “baby” in that category or hot ish. but hey again thats another persons OPINION. I think what damages this area regarding artist in hip hop is that the “powers that be” make artist feel as though they have to “like” “support” ANY artist as long as their from DC, MD or VA. which is crazy. if youre wack youre wack, regardless where youre from. again just my OPINION…we should be glad an artist broke the mold which will ultimately do a few things:
    1. bring attention from record execs to this area (which has been transpiring for a few years now)

    2. if wale flops it’ll be a while b4 another artist is signed on a national level as wale is. but ask yourself why a project’s been pushed back an ENTIRE YEAR….

    lets just hope interscope actually drops his projects

  • craig

    ^ UPT4real with all due respect, that makes no sense.

    If Wale is considered wack, then how is it logical to be glad that he’s bringing attention to the area? Record execs want to see the support that this artist gains from his area. If we all say he’s trash, INCLUDING THE VERY RADIO STATION THAT BEEN PLAYING HIS MUSIC NONSTOP SINCE THE BEGINNING OF HIS CAREER, then nobody will be looked for in the area. Regardless of what you may think of him, we must support him because it gives the area credit in the grand scheme of things.

  • Food4Thought

    Wale is gonna fall into the same category as FloRida and you’re only going to hear him on the CHRhytmic stations like HOT 99.5 (who currently plays him nonstop). Real talk, Wale is a big deal in the DC area because he uses samples to songs we like (Go-Go) and he talks about things that relate to us, i.e. Nike Boots. DC has never been a good marketable area, which is crazy considering we have so much talent here. Wale not getting airplay shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. How much airplay does Raheem get? J-Holiday? Practically none. I definitely agree that the DMV is the most unsupportive region when it comes to homegrown talent, which is why I would encourage you to vote for HR848. This would force local radio stations to play local artists and a variety of songs instead of the same songs every hour.

  • Good post @ Food4Thought

  • DC all the way.

    Listen….F***k wale, I met him and he thought he was the shit. This dude don’t support his own folks in DC nor do he care about anyone with his fake ass, trying to get respect & street cred. in dc you have to earn it. Yea he came from go-go music but the label pick the wrong lead mic to sign. Them byb or tcb dude could had held it down better. Why is he even on bun shit. Bun should be ashame to have gave this dude love. Cuzo on twitter talking mad sh**t,like a girl,Is he pms’ing. He talk a lot of sh**t about the promoter that did the dmv south takeover @ the 930 club on twitter and bun is on that show. WOW!! That’s messing up his event. That mean he’s fu**king up bun b money bc, a promoter don’t have a successful event, sometime they have to cancel out the artist. That’s a bitch in you to me wale!! He deserve to get this diss.

  • DC all the way.

    oh yea if you met wale before, you’l understand why wkys diss him. Home boy going into the station all cocky as sh**t. Said some bs things, that’s why wkys choose him as a example. I do understand that dc don’t support one another, well that’s wale mentality as well, interesting right!!

  • _MelG_

    Wowwwww. What is happening to hip-hop? DJs are supposed to take pride in BREAKING SONGS, not d-riding whatever is already getting played. Never did I ever think that I would see the day that a radio station is: (1) trashing a hometown artist; and (2) justifying it by saying that they only play “the hot new joints like Birdman” (then playing Drake’s part, what a surprise).

    I am 22 and I have lived all over the DMV all of my life. Stuff like this is why nobody ever succeeds here. Ive been a KYS and PGC listener all of my life, but this is why more and more of us are starting to listen to 99.5 now. Hell, at least they have more variety in their playlist.

    Wale, make your moves and let KYS choke on your exhaust fumes. KYS, yall are going to f around and lose your audience because most of the DMV would rather see Wale succeed than listen to Im A Jerk five times an hour. Shout out to Wale, who is a better rapper than any of the microwave artists that KYS plays, and shout out to BKS, who make better beats than any of the microwave producers that KYS plays.

    We have the Redskins, the Nationals, and the Wizards. 93.9 WKYS, why would you try to shoot down the ONLY thing that we have to root for that has a REAL chance of success? Easy. Cuz yall are some bammas.

    SOMEBODY IN THE DMV WHO WANTS TO SEE ANYBODY SUCCEED *goes and takes 93.9 off his presets*

  • Bell vs Bell

    This some fucking Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!! Why they wanna see this cat fail I’m pissed that why its hard for Hip Hop to break in the DMV WTF they better not have played this shit on the air

  • real talk

    Now I agreed that the station don’t support there own like they should but it’s politics. But If people been to one of wale show, they will have some kind of an opion on what type of a person he is. If you never met him, you only know what you see and think this guy is putting dc on the map, but he is to a degree but he don’t represent dc the right way. Personality sucks, after his show he thinks he to big to stick around and mingle with the crowd. He want dc to support him, real talk he don’t really support dc, he just trying to use dc. I say this bc i met the dude and realize what kind of a person he is. You only get support like the south support there own bc the artist support there next up and coming and people that trying to make things happen. If you not a nba player or someone he thinks is at his level he will sh**t on you. That’s not support. BC those guys already made it. If wale continue his way, he will end up like a one hit song artist came and went.

  • Okay dog, we got you the first time, changing your name to reply doesn’t change your IP. lol

  • Hillcrest Heights

    So are radio stations supposed to support a WHACK artist because he’s local “talent”???

    Not saying Wale is whack, because I do like some of his music, just posing a general question.

    What/Who should determine what gets air play and what doesn’t? The artist’ demographic? The artist fan base?

    You can’t make everyone happy, and radio stations have a business to run.

  • wtf

    to ”real talk” – how does he not put dc on the map? how do u think UCB got to b mtv’s house band and interviewed on abc news about the ”return of go go”. How do u think me, a cat from toronto canada have any idea who Kingpen Slim is, Southeast Slim, Bear witnez, X.O., Odysee, all these cats? Only cuz i started listenin to Wale. and ppl sayin he’s trash CANNOT have listened to his music for real… ”Artisitic Integrity” and the ”The Plan” r both traks that i think sum up this situation real nice (and show how dope of a writer dis nigga is). I’ve always thought that toronto was the city of hate but from the outside lookin in, i think y’all r even worse.

    See wut happens afta this album drops.


  • EdTheRed

    Flava 1580 would’ve played Wale.

    Damn I miss that station.

  • 6thsense

    Really? This is a Wale diss? I listen to it 10 times to find the diss and didn’t hear anything on the level of a diss. They have a clown on the radio pretending to be a cousin of Wale’s trying to get his wack tracks played on the radio. How the hell is that a Wale diss? The lady even replied with ‘so you’re jacking Wale’. I’ve heard the same concept done with other artists for YEARS. Damn when did the DMV get so sensitive?

  • botti

    well i think if a radio station would spend marketing money to diss him there must have been some action that caused it!


    lol That joint is funny tho

  • Doesn’t even sound like a diss… Niggas sound too sensitive. If you see the title says “Wale Diss” you already have in your mind “oh KYS dissin Wale” but from an objective point of view it looks like they poking fun @ fictional Wale swagger jacker.

  • Joatfo Productions

    i agree…. and i live in nj/ny. the saddest part about it is the dmv is its own worst enemy. when the wale succeeds, which he will his love for the dmv will fade because they had no love for him on his way, to success that is. 93.9 needs to take out some time and think about what they do before they do. the was by far the dumbest move a radio station could have ever taken….. and i use to promote for them so i know some of the politics behind that station…….whack…..losers… Wale keep your head up; look back and laugh

  • Joatfo Productions

    ok i jus read the comment from DC all the way. If that is the case I can’t be mad at them dissing him. In that sense, it is what is it

  • Joatfo Productions

    but they should still show support regardless thats his swag and they are cockier artists in the industry, sh*t there are cockier people on the streets. im sure jayz is cocky but im sure kys will suck that up real quick. dont i remind you kanye is the worst of them all

  • Banny

    Honestly, I get the gimmick but it was done wrongly. After acting like Wale’s lost cousin, they should have played a real Wale track. What makes it seem like a diss is the fact that they play Drake on top of him. Sensitivity is not the issue, portrayal is. Understand hints when you see them. Same thing happens in racial, gender and life orientation.

  • E.T.

    Look the radio was wrong for acting in this fashion. But Wale is some shit period. I’m from DC, but just because I’m from DC doesn’t mean I have, or by any means obligated to support this wack ass dude. Yea yea he’s “carrying the city on his back” whatever. He was in the right place and the right time. There will be another artist here shortly to carry us once everyone witnesses his short career.

  • jaydog

    russ par i a fuckinjoke he love everybody else but dc hes not from dc so why love dc i stopped fuckin with him along time ago so fuck russ par rommie of s.e