@KiDCuDi hits another apparent bump on the road to riches. At least this isn’t one of Scott’s typical tantrums over something minimal. If this is indeed true, I definitely understand his gripe. I wonder how Universal is going to fix this.

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  • ian

    Dude, needs to get over himself. Sh-t is wack and shouldn’t have happened but it’s not that deep. It’ll get fixed and life will move on. He needs to think about why his album is so boring to listen to and why his two biggest/best-known hits (the Crookers and Jim Jones versions of “Day N Nite”) are not on it!

  • Ouch.

  • NotKiDCuDi

    The song information is taken from the Gracenote Music Database, where the information is submitted by users. It’s not taken from the CD.

  • Scott, is that you?

  • nowai